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British Values

At Kensington Junior Academy, we wholeheartedly embrace the Five British Values, recognising their pivotal role in shaping well-rounded individuals ready for life in Modern Britain.


Empowering Pupil Voices:

We actively foster a democratic ethos, ensuring that pupils have a voice in decision-making processes.

Through our curriculum, we provide a deep understanding of the democratic process, encouraging active participation and engagement.

Pupils are encouraged to express their views, promoting a sense of agency and civic responsibility.

Rule of Law

Building a Foundation of Fairness:

Our school values and expectations are clear and fair, establishing a foundation rooted in the rule of law.

We teach pupils to distinguish right from wrong, fostering a respect for laws and an understanding of their importance.

Visits from law enforcement personnel contribute to a broader appreciation of the rule of law in our society.

Individual Liberty

Fostering Independence and Responsibility:

Individual liberty is at the core of our approach, supporting pupils in developing self-knowledge, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

Through values-driven education, we encourage pupils to embrace self-discipline, take responsibility for their actions, and understand their rights.

We actively promote freedom of speech, ensuring a safe environment for expression while nurturing critical thinking skills.

Mutual Respect

Celebrating Diversity:

Respect for individual differences is a cornerstone of our ethos, promoting an inclusive environment where all faiths, races, and cultures are valued.

Our RE curriculum and community engagement initiatives actively foster an understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures.

Challenging prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour is central to our commitment to mutual respect.

Tolerance of Those of Different Faiths and Beliefs

Cultivating Understanding and Harmony:

We go beyond mere tolerance, actively promoting understanding and respect for different faiths and beliefs.

Through critical thinking skills, we empower pupils to navigate differences respectfully, fostering a culture of tolerance.

At Kensington Junior Academy, British Values are not just words; they are woven into the fabric of our educational approach, shaping pupils into informed, responsible, and compassionate citizens ready to contribute positively to the diverse tapestry of Modern Britain.