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Ministry of The Future

The Kensington Ministry of The Future hold regular meetings in school where they discuss the importance of caring for the environment.

The Ministry of The Future strongly feels that caring for the environment is important to secure a happy and safe future for the children and for the animals on our planet. The Ministry of The Future believe our planet is a beautiful place which needs protecting and preserving and if we can take small steps towards this, we can begin to make a big difference. They often discuss the oceans and ocean wildlife and how our actions now can help protect these. 

The Ministry of The Future discuss the actions we, as a school, can take and this term have made an action plan for what they aim to achieve before the end of this year.

So far, The Ministry of The Future have achieved the following:

  • They have completed a litter pick in the local community (which they aim to do termly). 
  • They have made posters for the rest of school. Each class has an environmental focus pushed by their Eco-Team members (eg- reducing heating, reducing paper waste, turning the taps off). 
  • They have pushed the walk/ bike to schools campaign and shared the importance of this with children aiming to promote a healthier lifestyle.
  • They have implemented recycling bins in the staff room. 
  • They have carried out environmental reviews to identify areas of concern at our school so we know what to focus on moving forwards.
  • They empty and use the compost bins daily for fruit to help the school garden. 
  • They have set up a gardening club for Year 5.