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Our curriculum stands on a firm foundation of reading: through the teaching of reading skills, and nurturing a love of reading for pleasure, our aim is for all pupils to grow into creative, critical thinkers, equipped with the knowledge and attitudes for life-long learning, and the cultural capital to open doors!

A fundamental role of our curriculum is to guide our pupils to becoming responsible, mature and positive members of their communities, understanding and recognising their opportunities to make a difference at academy, locality and global level.

Our curriculum is centred on developing all pupils as independent, confident, resilient learners. We will create opportunities to celebrate difference, encourage risk-taking and allow all pupils to discover their potential, through an engaging, relevant and aspirational curriculum.

Pupils will explore knowledge-rich content through first-hand experiences, out-of-class opportunities and visits from experts, in a cohesive curriculum underpinned by high quality texts and drawn from a broad range of subjects: teachers will link learning to deepen and consolidate understanding.

Learning will be underpinned by our commitment to nurturing the whole child on their individual social and emotional journeys to becoming citizens for the 21st Century, with a strong sense of self, understanding and tolerance of others, and the confidence to map out their own ‘Journey to Excellence.’


Our ever developing curriculum offer is currently being personalised and and adapted to meet the needs of our pupils and the challenges they will face as 21st century citizens.  It's an exciting process and we will look to keep you informed of our progress over the coming year.

Kensington Junior Academy - Curriculum working model