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Special Needs

We follow closely the Code of Practice 2002 in school and involve parents as soon as we have initial concerns.  Individual programmes of work with targets (IEP's), are set for each child in need of extra support and these are subject to regular reviews which involve parents.
Children who do have learning difficulties are monitored carefully by the teachers and Special Needs    Co-ordinators, and the curriculum is differentiated to the level which the children require.  Help and advice from specialist teaching staff outside school is sought if necessary.  We do have links with the medical organisations of the County for children who are partially hearing or partially sighted so that their progress can be monitored and sustained.
Whenever educational problems arise where it is considered we need help from outside agencies such as the Educational Psychologist, we contact parents to fully discuss all difficulties and to obtain permission from them to proceed.  As well as co-ordinators for Special Needs, we also have a co-ordinator who oversees arrangements for safeguarding concerns and liaises with Social Services.

​To find out more about information regarding young people with Special Educational Needs and their families: Derbyshire SEND Local Offer