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Our school joins Djanogly Learning Trust
We are pleased to announce that our school has joined Djanogly Learning Trust to share best practice on teaching and learning.
Our staff have been working hard to bring about the improvements identified by Ofsted following the school’s last inspection, so that all pupils achieve their full potential.
As part of that process, the Regional Schools Commissioner for East Midlands and the Humber has recently approved our school joining Djanogly Learning Trust and becoming an academy as of August 1st 2019.  As a result, our name has now changed to Kensington Junior Academy.
Working in partnership with Djanogly Learning Trust, we are committed to the best interests of our pupils and their families and carers, our staff and our local community, and it will be business as usual. All of our staff will remain the same as will holiday patterns and the times of the school day.
Djanogly Learning Trust has a strong track record of success and runs six primaries and one secondary in the East Midlands. For more information, please visit

​At Kensington Junior Academy it is our aim to create a learning environment where governors, teachers and parents work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, enabling all children to feel valued and allowing for the best possible educational achievement.  In line with Every Child Matters, we want the best for our children, and embrace our role in ensuring that they

  • Are healthy
  • Stay safe
  • Enjoy and achieve
  • Make a positive contribution and
  • Prepare to achieve economic well-being.

We actively promote a culture where children care for themselves and each other, for their school and their community, and where they can develop as happy, responsible and self-disciplined members of society. In short, our shared priorities and vision for this school are

  • The highest quality of teaching and learning opportunities
  • The best possible resources to support both staff and pupils in their work
  • The creation of a rich, exciting and stimulating learning environment for all

This site cannot of course reflect the actual character of the school and we will be pleased to make arrangements to show you around the school and answer your questions.